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Super Typhoon Chaba – Korea Aftermath – WanderLang

Super Typhoon Chaba – Korea Aftermath

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 a massive super typhoon hit South Korea. There were 100 mph winds, 20+ft waves, and so much rain that there was flooding issues in all of the low lying areas of the coastline. Busan got hit hard, but it seems like the neighboring city of Ulsan might have gotten hit even harder (based on the pictures we’ve seen).

Cody and I thankfully did not have to go to work today due to the storm. I am especially thankful for that fact because my school is located only about a block from the ocean, and the area where it’s located saw¬†massive waves that flooded the roadways and physically moved cars around like they were toys.

I wanted to share the pictures that we took after the storm finally cleared up this afternoon. We wandered over to Haeundae Beach and the damage was astounding.

Boardwalk 1

Haeundae Beach Map
This was the big map that showed you the entire Haeundae area.
Waves 1
The water was still crashing up onto the sidewalk when we were down there.
Waves 2
The water actually managed to move the massive stone blocks that made up this part of the boardwalk!
Boardwalk 1
A pile-up of Styrofoam that washed up onto the boardwalk.

Beach Debris 1

Beach Debris 2

Boardwalk 2

Boardwalk 3

Broken Boardwalk

Beach Debris 3

Boardwalk 5

Beach Debris 4

The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) also had a bunch of buildings set up down on the beach for the film festival that starts on October 6th. They did not survive very well in the middle of the storm.

The sign marking the area where the BIFF beach events were going to be held.
The buildings for the event (which seemed to all have been made from old shipping containers) were scattered all over the beach.





I also found this video that is a compilation of a bunch of cellphone footage from the storm. It’s kind of long, but you’ll be stunned at what you see.

Super Typhoon Chaba – Korean Damage by h1972818

Were you in an area hit by the storm? Let me know in the comments below!

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