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Busan Aquarium (Hey Look, Fishies!) – WanderLang

Busan Aquarium (Hey Look, Fishies!)

Tuesday was a national holiday in Korea, so Cody and I had the day off. Rather than just lounging around the house, we decided to head down to Haeundae Beach and check out the Busan Aquarium. Cody loves all things ocean-related and I had never been to an aquarium before, so it was the perfect way to spend our afternoon.

The Busan Aquarium is massive: it takes you three floors underground and it is filled to the gills (see what I did there?) with marine life. The only thing this place lacked was a dolphin or a whale, which I understand why they didn’t have them (they need *massive* amounts of tank space). The aquarium also posts their feeding schedule on their website, so you can time your visit for the “attractions” you most want to see. We missed theĀ otter feeding and the penguin feeding, but we did make it in time for the shark feeding.

Shark Feeding

This is where things got interesting. We assumed the shark feeding would just be the workers tossing in fish for the sharks to eat while the visitors watched. Wrong! Three divers actually got in the water and set up on a little “stage” next to the tank window where the audience was sitting. Two of the divers swam around and kept the other sharks away while the third man fed the sharks by sticking a fish on the end of a stick! Cody and I were amazed that *that* was their method of choice for feeding these monsters of the sea. The “show” also included the feeder-man feeding fish to the manta-rays against the glass so the audience could see them eat. It was quite the experience to watch!

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The whole aquarium is set up in a really nice way. Big, long tanks so lots of people can crowd up to the glass to see the animals. Each tank had tons of room for the animals to move around in (relative to their size), which is a lot more than I can say about certain zoos I’ve visited in Korea. I would definitely be willing to visit again in the future, just to see what different animals they might have on display. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of me with a shark!

Shark and Sara

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