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Winter Stroll on the Old Railroad – WanderLang

Winter Stroll on the Old Railroad

As I’ve mentioned before, winters in Busan are quite mild. Which means that winter hiking is an incredibly enjoyable experience. Often all you need is a lightweight jacket, maybe a hat if the wind kicks up, and you are good to go.

Cody and I took advantage of the fair weather this past weekend and took a hike along the old railroad that runs from one end of Haeundae Beach up to Dalmaji Hill. It’s been out of service for years, so the city of Busan chose to keep the rails intact and turn the line into part of the hiking trail system.


The railroad is actually quite popular place for people to take photos, especially young couples and high school girls. For the first part (maybe a third) of the trail, you can’t go more than 20 railroad ties before you run into another group having a photo op. Luckily, the trail extends a bit to either side of the tracks themselves, so you have plenty of room to walk around the different groups.

Given that the trail is a railroad, there are no hills to speak of, which makes for a nice and easy hike. The most “challenging” part of the hike was trying to not twist my ankle as I either tried to walk on the railroad ties (which were too small for my feet) or walked on the loose gravel. Which had more to do with my general lack of physical ability and coordination than any actual difficulty for the trail.

The trail has lots to offer in terms of views and interesting things to happen upon. Cody and I found lots of little side trails (which seemed impossibly steep to me!), spectacular views of the ocean, an old railroad tunnel, and several pieces of interesting artwork scattered along the trail. You can even come across old pillboxes from the Korean War, if you look carefully along the cliff-faces.

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This was easily one of my favorite trails that I’ve hiked so far in Busan. I can definitely see myself going back along these tracks in the spring once everything is green again.

What are some of your favorite hiking trails? Do you prefer more challenging hikes or more leisurely strolls through the woods? Let me know!

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