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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Spring Break Heaven – WanderLang

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Spring Break Heaven

So because I obviously have not been everywhere in the world, I’m going to have others share their stories about the different corners of the world that they’ve been to. Today we have a post from Cody (fellow expat, loving boyfriend, and kind soul who helps me manage this site) where he talks about his favorite place in Mexico.

Guest Post

At the Southern-most point on the Baja Penninsula of Mexico, lies a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem; Cabo San Lucas – known perhaps better as simply “Cabo”.

For those of you seeking a Spring Break to remember, or even just a vacation to escape the oncoming Winter weather up North, Cabo is a perfect choice if you’re down for a good time.

What’s there to do?

What ISN’T there to do? The sky is nearly the limit in this sea-side town, which is far from the dangers of the cartels that scare off many prospective tourists from the States. Beaches, bars, nightclubs, dancing, strip clubs, deep-sea fishing, bars, 4-wheeler riding in the desert, spas, bars, dinner cruises, shopping, fine-dining, bars, swimming pools and hot-tubs, events and entertainment, oh… and bars.

If any of these things sound like a good time to you (which if they don’t, we’re going to assume there is something fundamentally wrong with you), it is definitely worth checking out.

Cabo San Lucas Mango Deck


The first time I visited Cabo, it was the beginning of the Spring Break season, and as-such the atmosphere was lively and exciting. Especially around a beach-front bar known as “The Mango Deck“. The Mango Deck is a sort of a mecca for the thirsty and scantily-clad, and rightfully so. There are multiple levels to the Mango Deck, ranging from traditional seating, raised off the beach, to tables and chairs set right in the sand. At one end of the canopied dining level lies a stage, where such spectacles as wet t-shirt contests, fire-dancing, and even drinking games take place. I myself participated in one of the drinking games, which was a race. The first person to take a shot of tequila, run down the beach, chug a beer, spin around a baseball bat 10 times, and make it back to the stage would be the victor (a side rule stated that any female participant who became topless in the course of the race would become the winner by default).  These games are worth participating in, if for no reason other than the free booze.


The Mango Deck isn’t the only party-scene in town, not by a long-shot. There is a section of the downtown that is largely inhabited by nightclubs such as The Pink Kitty, Squid Roe, and perhaps most famously Sammy Hagar’s pride and joy Cabo Wabo Cantina. Each club has something different to offer. Cabo Wabo is great if you’re looking for live music and a rock and roll feel. The Pink Kitty and Squid Roe are more for the dance music scene.

After you’ve had a few days of party-hardy you might want to switch-up your entertainment for an evening. If the weather is going to be nice (which it rarely isn’t) you may want to look into booking a spot on a dinner cruise around Land’s End.  The EcoCat tour that I went on sailed around the large rocks that punctuate the peninsula, into the Pacific Ocean so that we could watch the sunset, with drinks in our hands. If and when you do this, make sure to watch the sunset through to the end. When I went, I saw the legendary “green flash” at sunset, an incredibly rare atmospheric event. Who knows? Maybe you could too!

Even without the sunset, the dinner cruise is a blast. My tour had an open bar, which I visited quite liberally. By the time we were on our return voyage, I found myself dancing on the upper deck, with someone else’s fiance.

Cabo San Lucas Pool

Where should I stay?

Cabo has so many options for accommodations that it really comes down to what you feel most comfortable. There’s traditional hotel options, as well as condominiums, or even full-home rentals. If you’re planning on bringing a large group with you, and staying a while, we suggest going for the house-rental option.

You can seriously rent an entire home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for as little as $40 USD per night. Some residences close to the action you can rent for the price of a regular hotel room, and come complete with such luxuries as rooftop hot tubs or balconies.

What should I know?

First and foremost: if you are approached by people on the street, selling anything that could be considered contraband (cigars, marijuana, ect.) it is in your best interest to politely decline and keep moving. These people are potentially undercover police officers trying to sting unsuspecting tourists, out to do some less-than-legal activities.
That, is a hassle you don’t need. Stick to the tequila.

Knowing Spanish is not required, but it is quite helpful, and attempting to speak in the native tongue is a wonderful gesture that you could make, as a guest in Mexico. Useful phrase: “Mas Cervesa Por Favor!”

When landing at the airport, there may be salespeople who attempt to rope you into timeshares or travel arrangements that you may not have booked.

Siestas – naps in the afternoon – make for a much more enjoyable nightlife. The combination of desert dry heat and tropical sunshine are enough to suck the energy out of even the most die-hard partier. If you want to make it to the early hours of the morning, you may want to drop the shades and crank the AC a little after lunch, and set an alarm for just before dinner.

Cabo Mexico Cruise Ship

How do I get there?

Option A: Fly into Los Cabos International Airport (SJD)

Option B: Cruise Ship Destination


Option C: A long ass walk

We’ll be expanding more on Mexican Destinations in future posts. Stay tuned!


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